Chris Christensen Systems

We began in 1996 with "White on White". This product began a tradition of creating unique and effective products. We have grown into an international company with a growing manufacturing facility in Fairfield Texas.


Create grooming magic with cutting-edge tools and styling products by Chris Christensen!

Company Overview

Chris Christensen Systems offers Professional Grooming Products and Tools for the Professional Dog Show Handler, Dog Show Exhibitor, Dog Groomer and Dog Fanciers around the world.


Chris Christensen Systems is devoted to expand the boundaries in the art of canine coat color and care with advanced technology never seen before in any dog shampoo or tools. Chris Christensen Systems color treatments will bring the coat back to its natural color and back to standard with uncompromising results! Chris Christensen Systems Day To Day products have been created to effectively clean, deodorize and moisturize the canine coat on a day to day basis as well as preserve color vibrancy and intensity. The newest addition to Chris Christensen Systems Show Dog Brushes is taking the Dog Show World by storm with the essence of quality that Chris Christensen is known for.

About Olakila Internation

Olakila International is a Chennai based proprietary concern dealing with renowned pet grooming products. We are the sole distributors of popular American grooming brand  Chris Christensen(CCS). CCS is a premium brand which is not for the ordinary pet lover but more for the CRAZY pet lover who always looks to improve the condition of their pets.
Olakila international also has sole importing and distribution rights for other American Brands such as Natures Farmacy, Blissful Dogs, Bully max and Miracle vet etc.